Al Noor Island in the Emirate of Sharjah

Arab landmarks

Sharjah is distinguished by its fine architectural diversity. In every corner of this city there is a landmark that tells the story of the civilization and rich heritage of this emirate. Today we will talk about one of the most famous and important islands in the emirate, which is Al Noor Island.

Al Noor Island is one of the latest entertainment destinations in the Emirate of Sharjah. It has been designed and built to inspire the senses with its spacious spaces, innovative architectural designs and multimedia experiences. The island, which is located next to the Al Noor Mosque and in the heart of Khaled Lake, extends over an area of ​​45,470 square meters. The island contains many artworks from all over the world, such as OVO and Torus and many illuminated paintings that can be seen at night. Inspiration for visitors.

The “Butterfly House” is considered the main attraction for many residents and visitors of Sharjah, and is distinguished by its surface decorated with decorations inspired by the Arab design of the “Mashrabiya” and its green walls covered with climbing plants and lights. The lively and expressive exterior is eye-catching and a symbol of innovation in design.

The Butterfly House hosts about 500 butterflies brought from different countries, most notably the Danaus chrysippus butterfly, also known as the “African King”, the Indian butterfly “Dulachayla pisaltide” similar to autumn leaves, and the “Pachleopida aristolochia” spread in Southeast Asia, and is distinguished by its splendor of colors The different shapes on its wings are called the “rose butterfly”.

On the other hand, the place contains a souvenir shop, and a trendy café that allows visitors the opportunity to enjoy drinks and snacks inside and outside the café.

Near the store is the “Diwan of Arts”, where you can relax and read in an atmosphere of the surrounding nature. Visitors will be able to roam the island through the 3,500-square-meter Al Noor Walk, and move around in miniature gardens between its various attractions and facilities.

The island can be reached via the bridge behind Al Noor Mosque on Sharjah Corniche Street. The island is open from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening, on weekdays, and until twelve at night on holidays.

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