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Egyptian archaeologist Dr. “Zahi Hawass” announced that the excavations of the joint Egyptian mission with the Supreme Council of Antiquities at the Director’s Bridge area in the Saqqara cemetery have resulted in several archaeological discoveries dating back to the era of the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties of the Old Kingdom.

“Hawass” confirmed that tombs dating back to the era of the Old Kingdom were found, indicating the existence of a huge cemetery with many important tombs, and the first of these tombs is the tomb of the so-called “Khnum Jedf”, and he worked as an inspector of employees, a supervisor of the nobles, and a priest of the hierarchical group of another King Unas. The kings of the Fifth Dynasty, and the tomb is colorful and contains scenes of daily life, and the second tomb is of the so-called (Mary) and its owner holds many titles such as the Keeper of Secrets, and the Assistant Commander of the Great Palace.

Another cemetery was found for the priest of the hierarchical group of King “Bibi I”, and nine colored limestone statues were found representing a man next to his wife, as well as servant statues and individual statues. No inscriptions were found indicating the name of the owner of these statues, and after several months of this discovery, an imaginary door was found next to the location of the statues, indicating that its owner calls “Messi”, and that the statues date back to the era of the Fifth Dynasty, so it confirms that the nine statues belong to the person who is called. Messi”.

A statue of a person was found standing, next to his wife holding his foot, and on the other side his daughter carrying a goose.

“Hawass” added that a well of about 15 meters deep was found, and at the bottom of the well a room was found containing a limestone sarcophagus of its owner called “Haka Shabis”, and many stone vessels were found around the sarcophagus, as it turned out that this sarcophagus was untouched and closed. Exactly about 4,300 years ago, and when opening the coffin lid, we found a mummy of a man covered in gold foil, and this is considered the most complete and oldest non-royal mummy found so far.

A well about 10 meters deep was also found, and inside it was a group of wooden statues, as well as three stone statues representing one person of the judge and writer “Fatak”, next to him an offering table, and in front of them a coffin inside his mummy.

Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that the mission found a group of wonderful statues dating back to the era of the Old Kingdom.

The mission also found many amulets, cosmetics, statues of the idol Ptah Suker, statues in the form of deities, as well as pottery and votive vessels.

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