Great European places but not world famous

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Certainly, there is a lot of fun that you can find while strolling the streets. But Europe is also full of many unappreciated wonderful places. Whether you want to visit historic or overlooked cities or the wild mountain ranges where few tourists walk, these understated European destinations will fulfill your holiday dreams.

Norwich, England

Norwich is said to have a pub for every day of the year and a church for every Sunday. Its cathedral, dating back to 1096, is certainly one of England’s finest, with peregrine falcons nesting atop a towering spire.

From its looming castle to the halls of St Andrews and Blackfriars, the medieval architecture of the city center gives the place a truly magical atmosphere.

Enjoy first-class culture, thanks to the University of East Anglia and the award-winning independent arts centre, and you’ll have a city that would be a crime to miss when visiting the UK.

North Uist, Scotland

Getting to the wild extension of the North Uist in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides takes an hour and 45 minutes by ferry from the Isle of Skye, to be exact. But it is definitely worth the effort.
During the trip, you are sure to see seals plentiful, as the island off the west coast of Scotland is home to the largest breeding colony in Europe.
Every year about 9,000 puppies are born. Check out the looming stone circle and the 5,000-year-old Barpa Langass burial chamber before heading out to sea kayak to explore the rugged coast.

Irish Midlands

The Overland Atlantic, which runs along Ireland’s western coast from Cork to Donegal, is rightfully so for its relentless landscapes and epic beauty. But further from the coast, there’s a much quieter, unpretentious landscape that sees fewer visitors: the Irish Midland.
The landlocked counties of Longford, Offaly, Westmeath, and Laois offer gorgeous lakes and vast moorlands full of birdlife, as well as the stunning ruined Clonmacnoise Abbey. Founded by St. Kieran in 544, its churches and crosses are among the most historic in Ireland.

Orange, France

Avignon, a few miles south, gets much acclaim for its perfectly preserved ancient city, Papal Palace. However, Orange is home to something equally remarkable: a Roman theater dating back to the first century AD.
Perfectly preserved, it is still performed in its home country for the annual Opera Festival. When the singers aren’t taking the stage, visitors can explore the upper reaches of the stage, with huge views across the city and ocean country.

Basel, Switzerland

Gorgeous Lake Zurich is a hot spot in the summer, but Basel is an underrated Swiss gem, thanks in large part to the ability to swim in the Rhine here during the summer. It’s possible to float over two miles along these most famous European rivers, slide alongside the Tinguely Museum and take in the views.

Apuseni Mountains, Romania

The Apuseni Mountains are part of the Western Carpathian mountain range in Transylvania, one of the most pristine wildernesses in Europe. Home to a large population of European brown bears, as well as wolves, its forests and mountains seem off the beaten path but are a short drive from Cluj.
Adventurous visitors can experience the many climbing routes through the ferrata that offer amazing views of this special corner of the continent.

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