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Egypt is home to one of the oldest civilizations known to man, the ancient Faros civilization. Filled with exciting sights and attractions, few can match the historical significance, importance, and fascinating backstory of the Great Library of Alexandria, which is currently being rebuilt as the “New Library of Alexandria.”

The Library of Alexandria is located in the beautiful seaside city of Alexandria, a city full of activities and attractions that continues to be a shining beacon in the Egyptian tourism sky. Today, we’ll provide answers to these frequently asked questions about the Library of Alexandria, an essential stop on most Egypt tour packages and 2020 Nile cruises.

Where is the Library of Alexandria?

The answer is the charming city of Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city on the southern Mediterranean coast.The Library of Alexandria was rebuilt and established on October 16, 2002, giving it its new name “The Library of Alexandria”.

When was the Great Library of Alexandria founded?

The establishment of the modern Library of Alexandria was the result of its predecessor, the Great Library of Alexandria. Above is part of a larger, grander structure called the Mouseion, a building built in honor of the Muses, the nine female gods of art. The proposal to build the Mouseion is believed to be attributed to the exiled Athenian statesman Demetrius of Phalerum. However, the construction of the library itself did not take place until the reign of Ptolemy II in Philadelphia.

The city of Alexandria is regarded as a capital of knowledge and a cultural center, mainly due to the establishment of the Great Library of Alexandria.

Seen by many influential and important scholars, thinkers and wise men of the time as the intersection of research and intellectual work, such as Zenodotus of Ephesus, text standardizer of Homer poetry, Eratosthenes of Cyrene, man who calculated the circumference of the earth, etc. Wait.

While it is widely believed that the library burned down and was completely destroyed in one fell swoop, history tells a different story. The library’s decline appears to have stemmed from a purge of Alexandrian intellectuals as early as 145 BC. Start early.

It seems that the Great Library of Alexandria will never see the light of day again. However, the dream of rebuilding the Library of Alexandria was realized in 2002 at the suggestion of Lotfy Dowidar and at the request of the Egyptian government’s approval of the project’s feasibility study committee to UNESCO. Renew its role as a modern library and cultural center.

What is the significance of the Library of Alexandria?

Libraries have always been a fusion and gathering place for different cultures and intellectuals, and a testimony to countless intellectual breakthroughs. Therefore, the importance of the library lies in:

First, the library serves as a free space for research, study and supplementary knowledge because it does not belong or belong to any particular philosophical school. Free wages, board and lodging are provided to all who seek knowledge at the Great Alexandria Library.

Second, the names of numerous scholars, poets, and writers, along with their works, are recorded in a 120-page catalog called Pinakes.

Thirdly, due to the Existence of the Library in Egypt, It is believed that it served as an inspiration to many breakthroughs reached by thinkers at the time. An example of such inspiration is the invention of the Archimedes Screw, a mechanism used to transport water from low-lying bodies into irrigation ditches, as it is believed Archemidis got the Inspiration for this invention from the Rise and Fall of the NIle

Currently, the Bibliotheca Alexandria Holds a large amount of Literature, Films, Web pages, and Several Specialized exhibits such as the Taha Hussein Library for the Visually Impaired, and the rare books & special collections Library. Serving as a Centre of Excellence, Preservant of current history & a Beacon of Knowledge. The Alexandria Library is also Known to Have Hosted Several Occasions and Events relevant to literature, film, and multimedia.

Whom and Why was the Alexandria Library Burnt?

One of the Misfortunate and tragic events of History was without a Doubt the Destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria. Several Questions are frequently asked about Why Who & when was the Library burned Down. The Library was the subject of a burning incident in 48 BC During Caesar’s Civil War Where Part of the library was burned Down more specifically a warehouse near the Docks used by the Library as storage for grains and books.

The first forms of true Destruction are believed to have occurred during the time of the Roman Principate, in which both the Status of the city of Alexandria alongside its Library had greatly diminished. With the Rise of other Libraries within the Area to Glory and the Roman Empire Depending less on Alexandria for Grain the First physical Destruction to the Alexandria Library was dealt by the troops of queen Zenobia during her attempt to reclaim the City in 272 AD. The Second Historic Occurrence to remove any remaining signs of the Library’s existence was during the emperor Diocletian’s siege of Alexandria in 297 AD.

What is the New Bibliotheca Alexandria?

Like a mighty phoenix rising from the Ashes the modern newly named Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The Library now Established at a Piece of Land handpicked by the Alexandria University Committee & WIth the support of many Prominent Egyptian Political figures such as the former president and the Support of the Unesco the New Library was inaugurated on the 16th of October 2002. Hosting an Expansive Collection of literature, Exhibits, manuscripts, antique & manuscript museum and other Specialized Exhibits such as the Taha Hussein Library for the Visually Impaired

After all is Said and Done, the Coastal City of Alexandria is not Only a mesmerizing haven by the coast of the Mediterranean but the home of the Bibliotheca Alexandria, a beacon of enlightenment, Knowledge and betterment of mankind.

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