How to visit Egypt

Egyptian landmarks

Egypt is considered a major tourist destination for most tourists in the world because it has it all. To enter Egypt, you must apply for a visa before or upon arrival, depending on your nationality.

How do I get an Egypt visa?

1- Visitors to Egypt must have a passport that is still valid for at least six months after arrival

2- All foreign citizens must apply for a visa to enter Egypt.

3- You can apply for a tourist visa at any Egyptian embassy or consulate around the world.

What are the Different Types of Egypt Visas?

There are generally three entry visas for Egypt.

1- Entry Visa – valid for one month, issued to any non-Egyptian citizen who enters the country without prior obtaining a visa

2- Transit visa – granted to any non-Egyptian citizen entering the country for a limited period of time for transit reasons.

How can I get to Egypt?

1- Arriving by air:

It is possible to enter Egypt by land, but the vast majority of travelers arrive by air. Cairo International Airport has flights from London and New York, as well as many other major cities around the world, and a connection to one of these hubs makes it easy to reach Egypt from almost anywhere in the world.

International flights also land at Luxor International Airport, as well as airports in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, with direct links to beach resorts.

There are more flights to Egypt during the peak season (November to March), so it’s easier to find cheap tickets.

Travelers from the countries listed below will find that they can easily purchase a 1-month tourist visa at the airport upon arrival at any international airport in Egypt. The visa fee is $15.

Passengers of other nationalities must apply for a visa at the Egyptian embassy/consulate prior to travel.

*To purchase a visa on arrival for Egypt, you must hold a passport from Australia, Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia or Ukraine.

2- Arrival by land:

Travelers from Israel can enter Egypt by land from the Eliat/Taba border crossing in the Sinai Peninsula (except for Eid or Yom Kippur). The Gaza crossing in Rafah is currently closed.

Travelers of all nationalities cannot obtain a visa for the whole of Egypt at the Eliat/Taba border crossing; however, if you hold a passport from one of the above (*) countries, you can purchase a Sinai-only visa , so you can travel within the Sinai Peninsula, but not across the Suez Canal.

If you wish to travel to other parts of Egypt or hold a passport from a country not listed above (*), you must obtain a visa from the Egyptian embassy/consulate. There is an Egyptian consulate in Eliat.

3- Arrival by sea:

Although Egypt has many ports on the Mediterranean and Red Seas, the number of passengers traveling to Egypt by boat or ferry has dropped sharply due to cheap air tickets and tour groups using air travel.

The only exception: the ferry from Aqaba, Jordan to Nuweiba, Sinai. The ships that used to sail directly from Greece or Cyprus to Egypt’s Mediterranean ports no longer exist.

Most sea routes into Egypt are no longer open, ferries from Italy, Cyprus and Greece have stopped operating, and several cruise ships operate in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, calling at various ports in Egypt and Jordan.

Memphis Tours is happy to offer short-term private tours for cruise ship passengers who are traveling quickly through Egypt or Jordan and do not want to use the cruise line tour services.

Passengers obtain visas from port authorities on arrival and travel begins from there. If you are planning a cruise to Egypt, please see the Shore Excursions section of our website.

Arabian Bridge Maritime operates two ferries per day. Faster ones cost $75 and can cross the street in an hour.

The slower ones are $65, but departure times and lengths are notoriously unreliable. Vehicles can also be charged on the ferry.

Upon arrival in Nuweiba, the same nationality (*) can purchase a full one-month visa for USD 15. The two-week Sinai-only visa is free.

People of other nationalities need to apply for a visa in advance, otherwise passengers are not allowed to board the ship in Jordan.

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