Machu Picchu (The Hanging Garden)

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Machu Picchu or the Lost Castle (in English: Machu Picchu), the word Machu Picchu means “ancient mountaintop” in the Incan language. This city was built by the Inca people in the fifteenth century. This city is located in Cuzco in Peru between two mountains of the Andes mountain range at an altitude of 2340 meters above sea level, and on both sides is an abyss of about 600 meters in height. UNESCO has classified this city In the World Heritage List in 1983. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

On July 24, 1911, the American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Machu Picchu covered with dense tropical forests, and the exciting thing is that this city was discovered by chance, when he was searching for the ruins of the Incas destroyed by the Spaniards, and after climbing a mountain wall surrounded by many rocks and unclear from the valley and the entrance had been Damaged by an earthquake many years ago. He saw the walls covered with papers, and the houses were carefully arranged, which indicated that a large city had been established in this place, in order to discover this city hidden in the clouds, organized and beautifully built. Then Machu Picchu began to show its wonderful civilization little by little to the modern world.

build it
Despite the beauty and genius of the place, this is not the only distinction of Machu Picchu, but it is amazing that this city is built in a modern style that does not suit an ancient civilization that did not know how to write! The city contains neat small streets, buildings, palaces, temples, gardens, irrigation canals and bathing pools. It is amazing that the entire city is built of large stones stacked on top of each other without any installation tools! Thanks to this amazing wonder, UNESCO listed Machu Picchu on the World Heritage List in 1983. In less than fifty years since its ruins were discovered and opened, more than half a million tourists visit this Hanging Garden every year.

its geography
The height of the city is 2223 meters above sea level, and the city is located on the brink of two abyss surrounding it with a 600-meter slope covered with dense forests, while the Ulu Banba River flows below it to paint all these elements a majestic scene of this mysterious city. It is near the Urubamba River, 120 km north of Cuzco.

its history
Machu Picchu was nicknamed the “Lost City” of the ancient Inca people. The word “Machu Picchu” in the ancient Incan language means “the peak of the ancient mountain”. The city is ranked among the list of the ten ancient holy places in the world because of its environment, which is distinguished by a sacred, magical and faith-like atmosphere.

There is no written record of the history of the Inca because the Inca civilization did not have a writing and the recording of history relied on oral transmission. Scientists or researchers do not know the date of building this city or the reason for its construction, but scientists think that it was not for living, but for offerings, as scientists found bodies Lots of women in this city. Which is consistent with what we know from the Inca people’s worship of the sun and their belief that women are the sacred daughters of the sun!

It is believed that the ancient Inca people in this city did not want the Spanish to occupy the city and hijack their brilliant civilization, so they remained silent and never spoke of it. In addition, the city was built on top of a mountain surrounded by dense forests, and the Spaniards did not find it.

Some speculate that it was built in the late 15th century when the Inca emperor reached the height of his glory. This city was a place for offerings and other religious activities.

And in Machu Picchu there are many gardens, arcades, palatial buildings and palaces, canals, irrigation canals and bathing ponds. Stone stairs connect the gardens and streets of different heights. American pioneer Helm Bingham said that these stone buildings are a miracle hard to believe.

Some people said that it was impossible for the ancient Inca people to have built these wondrous buildings without modern tools and architectural and engineering knowledge. They guessed that aliens had descended to this place thousands of years ago and built this city, or built by the sun god and other fairy tales. No matter how Machu Picchu was built, its presence prompts people to discover and learn more about this magical and clever ancient people.

Machu Picchu is called the “hanging garden” because it is built on top of a steep mountain.

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