The best tourist activities in Seychelles

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Seychelles is an exceptional country that includes 115 islands, where only 90 thousand people live, where you can live in the summer atmosphere in the middle of winter, and the granite stones provide views as if you are standing on white sands, and it includes a legendary geography, and here we get to know a group of the best tourist activities in the Seychelles .

When do you go to experience the best tourist activities in the Seychelles?

October to March (rainy season) and March to August (dry season) You can go to Seychelles in December which is the busiest month in the country, if you want lower prices and quieter islands, never go to Seychelles in December.

The most important information about Seychelles

–Seychelles currency is the rupee.
–Seychelles is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a little south of the equator, it does not have a single neighbor around it, because this is an island country.

–While traveling in Seychelles, you can rent a motorbike, daily car rental rates range from 10-20 Euros.

–Consider the people who live in the island nation, most of whom are not working, they are having fun.
–There are casinos, bars, pubs and restaurants all you are looking for on the island and in the evening everyone leaves their work and watches the sunset on the beaches, the majority of people are Catholic and on Sundays, everyone crowds into the churches.

–This island nation, which was under British rule until 1976, continued to exist as the Republic of Seychelles thereafter.

–The most spoken foreign language is English, but the locals speak Creole, just like in Mauritius.

–With a population of only 95,000 Seychelles, Seychelles welcomes no less than half a million tourists every year, and the per capita income in Seychelles is about $27,000.

Travel costs to trip the best tourist activities in the Seychelles

–Seychelles is one of the smallest countries in the world, but don’t be fooled by its small size, since the population is low, most of the coasts, beaches and bays are not crowded.

–Hotels, resorts and companies actually create the country’s economy i.e. its income and these companies are actually making money and while the companies are getting rich the public is barely making ends meet.

–Car rent 15 euros per day, petrol 18 rupees, meat 20-25 euros, activities 30-50 euros, 1 bottle of water 10 rupees.

–The cost of a 4-star hotel is 150-200 euros for two people, guesthouses 75 euros, and it can be said that you need at least 70-100 euros per person.

–You can eat pizza, pasta, fish, chicken, meat, fruits, mangoes and pineapples, and although Victoria, the country’s capital, is a small place, you can find whatever you are looking for here.

–In addition, hotels generally offer full board, all-inclusive service, pizza costs 150-250 rupees, meals in take-out restaurants 60-80 rupees, and a fancy dinner in a mid-priced restaurant is between 300-400 rupees.

The best tourist activities in Seychelles

A region where fun, peace and tranquility prevail, and if you are going to create a honeymoon program, you will have more alternatives and you can do this tour on a more economical budget than the best things to do in Seychelles tour program.

1- Sunset Beach

A very beautiful beach, especially at sunset, and it is a perfect destination for romantic couples looking for a special honeymoon destination.

2- Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market (public market)

After touring the north of the main island of Seychelles, head to the country’s capital, Victoria in a place where banks and markets flow and in the heart of this region stop at Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, one of the most famous public markets, where all kinds of fruits, fish and foods are sold in the stalls .

3- Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

This Hindu temple is about 200 meters away from the aforementioned market, and it is the only temple in the country that is open for worship.

4- Aden Island

Here you will find shops, restaurants, marinas, villas, in short, whatever you are looking for, you can find it on this very luxurious artificial island, where you can experience some of the best tourist activities in the Seychelles.

5- Seychelles National Botanical Garden

Seychelles also has a botanical garden, as most countries in the tropical region do, so stop by while you’re here and go to this botanical garden in Victoria, the capital city with an entry fee of 100 rupees.

In the park, there are huge turtles and different types of trees and flowers that are unique to the country.

6- Experience the Seychelles nightlife atmosphere

The Boardwalk is a beautiful place located on Eden Island. It is a restaurant, bar and nightclub. People of all ages can freely enjoy the place. Cocktails are about 200 rupees. You can wear comfortable clothes when you enter the place. It is open until 4 am.

The Hall of Fire and Ice is also located at the entrance to Eden Island, and locals usually hang out here.

The Barrel Club is just like a nightclub and is the title of nightlife, especially after 12 at night, and is frequented by both locals and tourists, in Victoria, and is open until 6-7 am.

Grand Jazz This casino is located in the north of the island and is one of the largest casinos in the country.

Club Liberte is located right next door to the Four Seasons Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels on the island.

7- Baie Ternay Beach

This area is quieter and more secluded than the east and north of the island, and most of the luxury hotels are located in this area.

You can go to Baie Ternay beach and come back in the evening.

8- Bay Lazar

It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the main island of Mahe, and it is one of the rare beaches where granite cliffs bring life to this area and you will probably not see anything like it in the world.

As with most beaches in the country, this one is publicly owned and you don’t pay any entry fees, let alone a tasting floor on the beach’s coconut palms.

9- Try the local food

You can dine in an Italian restaurant called la dolce vita and you will love the food, especially the grills and pizza. The restaurant was located in the center of Victoria, and the pizza started from 155 rupees.

There is a restaurant called Fisherman’s Bar in La Digue, this place is amazing, meals are 150-300 rupees and cocktails are around 100 rupees.

There is also a chicken house restaurant where the value of chicken ranges between 30-60 rupees.

The restaurant called Butcher Grill is also nice and full size chicken is 50 rupees, there is a very nice restaurant in the western part of the island called Del Place Restaurant, and if you want to have a meal, especially at sunset, with a beautiful romantic view, you can visit this place.

There is a very nice coffee shop called Maria Rock Cafe, in the south of the island, in the nature.

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