The best tourist activities in Uruguay

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In recent years, Uruguay has been a distinctive tourist attraction thanks to the tours of the best tourist activities in Uruguay, since it is a very small and pleasant country on the Atlantic coast, neighbor to the west with Argentina and to the north with Brazil, and separated from Argentina by the Río de la Plata, located in southern Uruguay.

The most important information about Uruguay:

1- Uruguay has many architecture and history sites, it is located in the southeast of South America, and its neighboring countries are Argentina and Brazil.

2- The population of the country is 3 million.

3- Its capital is Montevideo, its extension is 176 thousand square kilometers and it is the third best country in economic terms in South America, and it is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world in its social liberties.

4- The Uruguayan people are made up of European immigrants, the majority being Spanish, English, German and Italian.

5- The official language is Spanish, and Uruguay’s economy consists of agriculture and livestock.

6- The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo, and the name of this city has an interesting history, and we will tell the story below.

When the Portuguese explorers who set out for the first time approached the coast of Uruguay, they uttered the phrase “mounte vido” in Portuguese, which means “I see a mountain”, so the name of the city remained Montevideo.

The best tourist activities in Uruguay

Uruguay is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in South America, and the natural wealth it contains exceeds that of Argentina and Brazil, below, we know the best tourist activities in Uruguay.

First: Get to know the historical areas:

The country was discovered and colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, then the country declared its independence from Spain in 1928.

For this reason, Spanish influences are also seen in Uruguay’s historical sites, and there are also festivals that take place in March. It should be noted that Uruguay’s historical sites are museums, castles, and historical buildings.

— Legislative Palace Palace of the Parliament, built in 1904 with distinctive details of Italian architecture, is one of the country’s must-see historical sites.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Montevideo is a historic building built in the 18th century as a place of worship for the country’s Christian population.

Ciudad Vieja is one of the areas with the most history in the country and its streets and places must be visited to experience the best tourist activities in Uruguay.

— Kagansha Square is known as Freedom Square and is one of the most famous historical and tourist places in the country.

Pittamiglio Castle is one of the must-see places thanks to its rich history, architectural details and unique landscapes.

— The Museo Histórico Nacional is the national history museum and definitely a must-see on our tour of things to do in Uruguay, but you need to learn a little Spanish to understand what’s going on around you.

The Museo Arte Contemporáneo is a modern art museum, located in the capital, Montevideo.

Second: Discover the sites of natural beauty:

Uruguay’s geography consists of green plains, low hills, and mountainous terrain. There are also many rivers. The natural wonders of Uruguay are the beaches, the lakes and the vegetation.

Uruguay has many beaches, and Playa Malvin has a great view.

1- Laguna Garzón is a place where you can practice windsurfing for sports lovers.

2- The port of Punta del Este is unmissable with its distinctive statue, monuments and beaches.

3- Cerro San Antonio is a city located near the Magdalena River and is one of the places to visit for its distinctive landscapes not only in Uruguay but also in South America.

4- The Santa Teresa National Park has campsites, it is one of the places where you can go to spend a wonderful vacation and experience the best tourist activities in Uruguay.

Third: Taste the famous Uruguayan dishes:

Uruguayan dishes are full of meat and grains, and traditional dishes in Uruguay are famous for canned and grilled meat.

1- Asado is a dish that is prepared by roasting meats such as beef and chicken.

2- Uygun soup is actually a French dish, it can also be called onion soup and it is served with a slice of bread.

3- Cabo Polonio is a rice cooked with seafood.

4- Mate is a drink that tastes like green tea.

Fourth: Pay attention to some things before going on a trip to the best tourist activities in Uruguay

Uruguay is a country that makes you think that you are in a European country with its historical places and its culture, here are the things that you should not return to without doing in Uruguay, and some tips that you should pay attention to before embarking on this trip.
1- See historical buildings and structures.
2- Surf on the beaches.
3- Camp in national parks and green areas.
4- Try Uruguayan food.

When it comes to what to buy in Uruguay, jewelry and clothing set with natural stones are the best.

It is not very safe like most South American countries, and the risk of theft is very high.

The summer months in Montevideo are December, January and February, and this seasonal difference must be taken into account when traveling to countries in the southern hemisphere.

Uruguay is expensive and you should adjust your budget accordingly.

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