The best tourist activities in Zambia.

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One of the most famous and best tourist activities in Zambia is visiting Victoria Falls, one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world, and engraving unforgettable memories in your heart, mind and human soul among these safest tourist destinations in Africa, which surprises its visitors with its wonderful harmony with nature.

When do you go to experience the best tourist activities in Zambia?

Zambia, where you can go in every season of the year, offers you a different beauty in every season.

For example, from April to August you’ll see all green, from May to August it’s cooler and less rainy, from September to November it’s hot, still a little rain, and between December and April it rains but it’s still hot.

The best tourist activities in Zambia.

The jewel of the African continent enjoys thriving tourism as it is located in the middle of the continent and enjoys a tropical climate along with its unique scenic mountainous geography, which contributed to making it one of the first destinations visited by travelers from all over the world.

1- Start the journey of the best tourist activities in Zambia by visiting Victoria Falls.

You will find yourself swimming in a natural pond formed on top of the Victoria rushing peak However, as it is a very dangerous activity, swimming alone is not allowed, half day costs USD 110 per person, you can take boat rides from the catchment area to Livingstone Island, swim and savor a light breakfast .

Just at the entrance to this area, watch out for the baboons that are found on every corner in the entire city.

This national park-like area has to pay $20 to enter and start walking to see the waterfall from every angle, and you’ll want to stop and take pictures at every point where the waterfall is visible.

Bring a raincoat, waterproof bag and beach shoes, and if you don’t have a raincoat, you can rent and buy one there.

Walk to see the bridge that connects Zambia and Zimbabwe, and if the weather is clear, don’t complete the waterfall tour without seeing a rainbow.

2- Visit Mukuni Village.

If you want to visit the people who live there and get to know their culture up close, someone who lives in the village can guide you very friendly and free of charge, however you can donate some dollars towards the expenses of the village.

Wander on foot to see the details of the residents’ lives near their homes and kitchens, children playing in the street, and women washing clothes.

Stop by the souvenir booths set up by residents before you leave to pick up some souvenirs that will help you immortalize your trip to the best of Zambia’s activities.

3- Bungee jumping off the Zambia Bridge.

You can participate in an adrenaline-filled activity in this place overlooking the Zambezi Bridge with a payment of about ten dollars, and do not forget to take a pleasant break in a cafe to crown your walk between the two countries with a wonderful view of the bridge.

4- Don’t forget to try the Macrolite flight.

It is an amazing experience in an airplane without doors, where you can get the real feeling of flying by mixing with the wind.

At first the car takes you to the area where this flight will take place, you put on a jacket and stand behind the pilot, it takes about 15 minutes to take off, fly and land in total.

When the plane takes off, you will be surrounded by an amazing feeling of surprise, and the most important feature of this trip is enjoying the roar of Victoria Falls in the air, and if you come across a rainbow, you will feel that you are in the face of a miracle.

You can pay $150 for this experience, and no phone or camera is allowed during the flight, but there is a GoPro camera attached to the wing of the plane that captures every moment, and you can purchase photos for $45 after your flight.

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