The best tourist destinations in Khartoum

Arab landmarks

Khartoum is one of the African cities in the Republic of Sudan, its administrative and political capital and its largest city. The best tourist destinations in Khartoum are characterized by the presence of Lake Victoria and its rugged terrain that resembles the stem of the elephant, the White Nile, and the flower of saffron that grows frequently in the city’s lands.

The best tourist destinations in Khartoum

Below, we learn about the best tourist destinations in Khartoum, the places that you must visit, and the places you must definitely see in the capital of Sudan.

Al -Fateh Tower Hotel

This building, which resembles the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, is one of the most famous buildings in the city and one of the best tourist destinations in Khartoum, and even if you cannot stay in the hotel, you can go to the hallway or restaurant.

National Museum

It is a museum in which it displays artifacts dating back to a long period of the first Christian period to Islamic artifacts.

Presidential Palace Museum

In the Presidential Palace Museum, many art pieces are displayed on the administrative and political history of Sudan, in addition to gifts from other countries. The museum was opened in 2000, and it was like the Anglican Church, and the museum can be visited on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between 9:00 and 13.00.

Ethnography Museum

In this museum that was built to promote local culture in Sudan, materials from daily life, local clothes, etc., it is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Khartoum.

Medical pharmaceutical factory

This factory, which was bombed by the United States saying it was making chemical weapons, was actually a drug factory and since the factory bombing, there has been a lack of medicines, and the factory is still bombed.


You can go to Umm Abdul Man, another settlement center in the city, in which you can wander the boat on the Nile River, and there is also a famous and crowded market here, in addition to that there is also a famous beauty market.

Dandar National Park

The Dandar National Park, located on the border with Ethiopia, was a human area in ancient times, but the settlement has disappeared over time, and today there are animals at the risk of extinction in the garden where more than a hundred species of animals such as black and giraffes live.

Mount Burkel

It is a small mountain located in the northern town of Karima, and also embraces many hierarchical structures that were used as a royal cemetery for a while, and travelers interested in historical and cultural trips must definitely see this region.


There are pyramids similar to the pyramids in this area, 150 km from the capital, Khartoum.

Arab bazaar

You can find delicious local dishes, carpets and souvenirs in the Arab bazaar, which is the center of trade in the country, and this traditional bazaar is located in the capital, Khartoum, which is one of the most crowded and vital shopping places in the country.

Naser Lake

It is an artificial lake consisting of the waters of the Nile River and the lake, which has been completed in the 1970s, is considered one of the largest lakes made by man, and you can participate in activities such as fishing in the lake or boat flights.

The Nile River

When you go to Sudan, one of the countries where the Nile River flows, the longest river in the world must definitely see this historical and natural beauty of the river, and you can explore the region by walking long distances around it.

Totti Island

Totti Island, which depends on agriculture, has very fertile lands, and the villages on this island, which is the meeting point of the white and blue Nile, has become one of the important tourist centers in the country today.

The best tourist activities in Khartoum

You walk in the most beautiful streets of Khartoum

The Nile Street, in which the Blue Nile is located on the one hand and the ministry’s buildings on the other hand, appears as the most beautiful streets of Khartoum, and there is also the latest Khartoum store on the Nile Street where there are different trees, and you can make your day completely enjoyable with a short picnic in this street, and you can also Shopping in stores with many brands.

Make sure to allocate time to the Sudanese Presidential Palace Museum

Many important pieces are displayed in the Presidential Palace Museum, previously known as the Anglican Church, located in the center of Khartoum, and you can visit the museum three days a week, where there are documents on Sudan’s political and administrative history, in addition to gifts from different countries.

Learn about the Khartoum kitchen at the intersection of different cultures

There are many flavors that you can try in Khartoum, which has a very rich cooking culture as a result of the interaction between cultures that occurred over the years, and the most preferred dish in Khartoum’s kitchen, which includes different flavors of the Ottoman, African, Egyptian, Yemen, Sudanese and Ethiopian cuisine, is the bean dish named Fava Beans.

In Khartoum, which has a rich bread culture, the soup of banana and paste must be tried in the tour of the best tourist destinations in Khartoum.

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