The best tourist destinations in Selcuk

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The best tourist destinations in Selcuk fall in love with everyone who comes to visit it very quickly, as it is a place worth exploring, and here we review with you the most beautiful tourist attractions in Selcuk below, whether by car, on foot, or by public transportation.

The most important information about the Selcuk region:

Mary’s Church is one of the places where you can see the historical ruins in the old city.

Although the entrance fee to the ancient city of Ephesus is 100 TL, the best part about this ancient city is that you can enter here for free using the Müzekart.

In the old city, you can see the historical baths and toilets and the different and wonderful doors from the Church of the Virgin Mary to the Library of Celsus and from Yamachi Evlar to the Temple of Hadrian and Domitianus.

If you’re planning to visit the ancient city of Ephesus in the scorching summer heat, don’t forget to bring a hat, umbrella, and plenty of water.

After entering the ancient city, there is only one place where you can get water without leaving the turnstiles of the ancient city.

The best tourist destinations in Selcuk:

1- Ayasuluk Castle

Ayasoluk Castle, also known as Selcuk Castle, is located just behind St Jean’s Church, and you can enter St Jean’s Church for free if you have museum cards, and after that you can see the castle.

The inner castle walls of this castle, which was built on the highest point of Ayasuluk Hill, date back to the Ottoman Seljuk era.

2- Jitin Model Village

A place where you can travel through history and go back to your childhood and your kids won’t want to leave, this model village was established by Ayhan Cetin and his wife, after they retired and dedicated themselves to models.

Among these handcrafted models, which depict the daily life, customs, and traditions of Anatolian villages, there are many descriptions you can think of of village life, from baker to grocer, from tailor to barber, and they offer a fascinating insight into what life was like in the 1950s. from the last century.

3- Temple of Artemis

The ruins of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, the size of a football field, will be an important stop on your visit to the best tourist destinations in Selcuk, and although there are not many temples, it is of historical importance because it is the first temple in the ancient world made of marble.

The temple, which dates back to the seventh century BC, is said to be the first settlement of the people of Ephesus. The architect of the temple, which was built by King Croesus in honor of the goddess Artemis, was Greek and was decorated with sculptures made by the most famous sculptors of that period.

Although there are few columns in the place where this temple stands today, it can be visited to see the view of Selcuk Castle and see one of the seven wonders of the world.

4- Ephesus Museum

The Museum of Ephesus, where most of the ancient buildings are displayed, is a 5-minute walk from Selcuk Station, and although the entrance fee is 30 TL, this place can be added to the list of the best Selcuk tourist destinations to visit, where you can enter the museum Free with Müzekart.

The Museum of Ephesus, which may attract your attention with the Hall of Coins and Treasures, the Hall of Ephesus Artemis, the Hall of the Emperor and a few other exhibition halls, is an important museum that those interested in antiquities can visit.

The museum also has a garden, and in it you can see valuable sculptures and artifacts from ancient times to the present day, and there is also a place where souvenirs are sold in the museum, and do not forget to buy some things from here.

The museum is open every day of the week between 08:30 and 18:30.

5- Isa Bey Mosque

The Isa Bey Mosque, built in 1375 by architect Ali al-Dimashqi, offers a unique experience for history buffs, and it is said that most of the materials used in building the mosque came from the ruins of Ephesus.

The Isa Bey Mosque was subjected to earthquakes many times, but it has survived until today, and one of the mosque’s minarets was completely destroyed, and the balcony was also damaged.

6- Mar Jean Church

St Jean Church is one of the important historical monuments that you can add to the list of the best tourist destinations in Selcuk. The church was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.

Many ruins have survived from the church and you can get an idea of what the church was like before from the ruins, and if you can’t picture the old version of the church in your mind, you can also see a model of St. Jan’s Church on the road to Selcuk Castle, at the northern end of the church.

The courtyard of St. Jan’s Church also hosts a beautiful view of Selcuk, and the castle located next to St. Jan’s Church adds a different atmosphere to the Seljuk Castle and the place where the church is located in all its splendor.

You can easily walk to this castle from the church, the entry fee for St. Jean’s Church is 30 TL and you can enter the place where this church is free with the Museums Card.

7- Shiringe village

A hidden and charming village, and the alleys here remind you of a group of movies, small cafes, old colorful houses, and more details that will help you fall in love with this village very quickly.

It is said that the Greeks lived here, and the history of the village dates back to the fifth century BC, and there are two legends about the founding of the city, one is that the people of Ephesus fled to the hill and founded this village because of the flooding of the river, and the other is that the people of the region were looking for a cool area due to the breeding of mosquitoes, After this research, they established this village.

There are many things to do in Shiringe, and do not forget to take a full tour and take distinctive photos in the village.

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